3 Important Pieces Of Construction Equipment And Their Uses

There are several different pieces of construction equipment that help to make different types of construction projects much easier. In some cases, the construction work that needs to be done wouldn't even be possible without the help of these different pieces of equipment. If you are in the construction industry, or if you are doing a construction project, either renting or purchasing some of these tools will benefit you a great deal. This article will discuss 3 important pieces of instruction equipment and their uses. 


One piece of construction equipment that is incredibly important for multiple kinds of construction projects is an excavator. An excavator is also known as a "digger" because it is mainly used to dig into the ground at construction sites. You control the shovel part of the excavator from a cab that is enclosed and well protected. This allows you to get a lot of work done with little to no physical labor. Excavators are used to dig holes for foundations and basements, in-ground pools, landscaping, and even things like snow removal, foresting work, and moving different kinds of materials. The different uses for the excavator make it a very important piece of construction equipment for multiple kinds of projects. 


Another important piece of construction equipment is a grader. A grader is a machine that is driven around by a licensed construction worker and is used to level out areas for different purposes. One of the main uses for a grader is to construct and maintain different kinds of roads. It is used often on dirt and gravel roads to keep them level and safe to drive on. Graders are also used to prepare roads for asphalt by creating a wide, level surface for the asphalt to be poured onto. 


A bulldozer is a tractor that is set up on a continuous track that has a shovel attached to the front of it. The main purpose for a bulldozer is going to be different kinds of demolition and removal. It may be used to remove old building pieces from a site or to even knock down portions of an actual building. It can also be used to clear ground for landscaping purposes. The large shovel attached to the front makes it perfect for removing a great deal of debris at one time, and the track system makes it great for driving successfully on different types of terrain. 

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