Tired Of Dealing With A Faulty Transformer? What Are Your Options?

If you run a business or manufacturing facility housed in an older building, you may find yourself often dealing with the hazards and inconveniences of aging infrastructure — from inadequate insulation that leaves your warehouse drafty and uncomfortable during winter weather to more serious issues like blown fuses or even a transformer malfunction that leaves you unable to perform basic operations. If you're tired of dealing with these electrical issues but can't afford the cost of renovating your entire building's infrastructure, a newer and more efficient transformer may be enough to solve your issues. Read on to learn more about the transformer recycling and disposal options that can provide you with a bit of liquid capital to put toward your upgrades.

What benefits can be realized by upgrading your transformer?

Because an electrical transformer is responsible for moderating the flow of power throughout your facility, transformer problems can have a number of undesirable side effects — from power surges that can fry unprotected machinery or electronics to power outages or brownouts when certain parts of your building are using extra juice. While some transformer issues can be repaired by performing a thorough cleaning or replacing minor parts, in other cases, purchasing a new transformer may be your best bet to maintaining a steady flow of electricity throughout your building.

Not only can a new transformer help minimize any electrical surges your building may experience, it can provide some additional efficiency to your processes by reducing the flow of electricity to dormant areas and operations and minimizing the amount of energy wasted. When upgrading from an old, inefficient transformer to a much newer one, you may find that this upgrade pays for itself within just a few years in the form of lower energy costs.

What should you do with your old transformer? 

Because of its oil and harmful heavy metal content, old or unusable transformers aren't good candidates for the garbage dump. However, this is generally a positive, as recycling your transformer for the metal content can provide you with a bit of cash in your pocket while eliminating any disposal costs.

Many transformer recycling facilities offer pickup services that will allow you to have your new transformer delivered and installed without requiring your employees to haul the old one away, saving you time and effort. If you have more than one such facility in your city, you may want to get quotes from both so that you can compare prices. 

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