Replacing Or Repairing Hydraulic Hoses And Components On Your Heavy Equipment

There are a lot of machines that depend on hydraulic systems to move, steer, or work some part that would be too heavy or hard to move otherwise. Most of this machinery is used to perform some task daily that would be too difficult without the use of the hydraulic system. If the system breaks down, it is important to replace the faulty component with an identical part that provides the same function because even a small difference may affect the way the equipment works.

Understanding The Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is comprised of a pump, reservoir, hoses, a valve to control the oil flow and rams that are moved by the pump. The pump takes hydraulic oil from the reservoir and pushes it through the hoses to the ram to move the piston in or out. The ram will then move or lift that load as required. The pressure uses in these systems is very high and allows for a varying amount of lift or movement. The system that is used to lift a crane arm or a large wheel loader bucket would be much higher than that used to lift the blade on a small snowplow on a pickup truck for instance, but the way the system works is the same.

The Right Part For The Job

Even though the parts do the same job, using a lightweight hose for a snow plow system on a crane would not work, In fact, in some cases, the parts from two nearly identical machines, with similar pressure may not be interchangeable. It is important that if you need to replace a part, you get the right part for your system. If you can not find the part, there are machine shops that specialize in hydraulic repair that can often repair the existing part or make a new one from scratch to replace the defective one. They work with these parts and understand how important it is for the part to meet an exacting standard. Some shops require you to bring in the part, while others can work on the machine for you, removing and replacing the part in their shop. You will have to speak to your local hydraulic shop and see what they can do for your situation.

Mobile Hydraulic Repair

Because some of the equipment that is powered by these high-pressure hydraulic systems is so large, it is often impossible to move it if it breaks down. The result is that the machine may need to be repaired wherever it happens to be at the time but there are companies that can come out and make the needed repairs for you on site. In some cases, a technician may have to remove the affected part and take it to the shop then return to finish the repair but often they can repair it with the tools and parts they carry on the truck with them. Make sure you are clear about the breakdown when you request service so they can bring the appropriate parts with them and have the best chance of getting the repair down quickly for you.

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