Equipment Maintenance Tips During A Plant Relocation

During the plant relocation process, you may have a lot of equipment that needs to be put in storage. If you do not properly maintain your equipment while it is remaining in storage, you may find your business to be disrupted more when you must finally put the equipment into service. 

The Owner's Manual

The most important tool in your arsenal when maintaining equipment is your owner's manual. You will be given specific instructions on the best practices for maintaining your equipment. With many manufacturers, the owner's manual is not only provided with the equipment, but there might also be a manual online. You're best off downloading these manuals because there is no guarantee that the company with these manuals will stay online.

Delegating Maintenance Responsibilities

Having the manual is one thing, but you must also delegate the responsibility of performing regular maintenance to employees. An easy way to do this is with an equipment maintenance scheduling software program that will track how much time has passed since your equipment was last serviced. You may find that more time will pass than expected while keeping equipment in storage, so make sure to always have a robust maintenance regimen.

Taking Care of Moving Parts

Generally, equipment has two main parts that need to be maintained: the engine and all of the moving parts. The moving parts might wear down over time and might need to be replaced periodically. Moving parts sometimes must be lubricated so they do not wear down as a result of friction. If the moving parts will come in contact with moisture, you will want to protect them with waterproof sprays. 

Maintaining the Engine

The two most important maintenance tasks for an engine is keeping it filled with fuel and oil. When the engine has been in storage for a long period, you may need to replace the fuel or oil. Also, you may need to use additives that are designed for an engine that has been in storage for a long period. Also, make sure to document all maintenance procedures.


All components must be inspected to determine if they must be cleaned. In some cases, dirt can disrupt the normal operation of a piece of equipment and cause it to fail.

If you are unsure about whether you have the time or knowledge to maintain your equipment, consider hiring a plant relocation service that will handle equipment storage for you.

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