Recommendations To Use Equipment Rental For Your Next Yard Clean-Up Project

A tree can be quite a large part of the vegetation within your yard, but you don't realize just how big it is until it falls over during a big wind storm. A tree lying across your yard can fill your entire yard if it is large enough and it contains a large amount of wood that you need to manage. It is always a good recommendation to cut the wood up and use it in a wood-burning fireplace or stove, use it in your backyard fire pit, or donate it to a neighbor who can use it in a similar manner if you have no need for it. 

But getting it dismantled into smaller pieces and handling all the heavy work can be quite a task. Here are some tips and recommendations to help you complete your backyard clean-up project with the help of the right construction equipment rental.

Rent a Brush Chipper

The first step in the process is to cut the tree into smaller pieces after you have removed all the branches from the main trunk. The smaller branches are thin enough that you cannot really use them for firewood, but you can chip them into wood chips for mulch or ground covering. A commercial size brush chipper will make this process easy, which you can rent from a local equipment rental business. 

A commercial wood and brush chipper is a smart rental for this job because if you were to buy a wood chipper for this task, using a residential brush chipper is time-consuming and can only take on limbs and brush up to a certain thickness. Anything over that is going to jam up the chipper blades and be a nuisance. A commercial brush chipper rental is going to allow you to chip the limbs and leaves up much more quickly so you can get onto the next part of the clean-up. And you will know that the equipment is well maintained by the rental business so you don't have to worry about keeping it up or storing it after your job is finished.

Grind Your Stump

After cutting up the larger limbs and the trunk into smaller pieces for use as firewood, you will need to handle the remaining stump and root system set within the soil. Unless the tree has fallen over and ripped the entire stump from the ground, the soil will still have some of this remaining behind. A commercial stump grinder makes a great solution to an in-ground stump to help you reuse the soil for another purpose. 

Talk to your commercial rental business about reserving a stump grinder. This machinery will grind off the surface trunk mass and turn it into sawdust. Then, you can use it down through the main portion of the tree's existing root system to wood chip it into particles that will decompose in the soil.

To learn more, reach out to a local construction equipment rental service.

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